At Abacus, we understand that different businesses have different needs, and that’s why we offer our customers optional extra modules in addition to our POS system. Think of it as just another way for you to truly customise our product to your requirements.

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Our advanced modules are the real deal! Custom built by us, they are fully integrated and accessible by your single login!

Business Intelligence (BI)

Get in-depth analysis of all your data – compare store performance, analyse sales figures and break down information to study buyer behaviour. Our BI module takes the system to another level by giving you an even better understanding of your business.

Online Rostering

The perfect partner to the staff feature on our POS system, this online rostering module will ensure that managing and rostering your staff has never been easier.

Online Ordering

Everyone’s going online, and so should you. This module is exactly what you need for your customers to place their orders online.

Digital Display

Are TV screens part of your store setup and décor? With our digital display module, you’ll be able to remotely control what’s being shown on those screens.

Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

Also known as kitchen bump screen, this module lets you replace traditional paper dockets in commercial kitchens with a digital display for a neater, paperless ordering system.

Table Ordering

Sometimes referred to as a “waiter pad”, this eliminates the paper and pen method of taking orders from customers, instead replacing it with a digital system on a mobile device.

Kiosk Ordering

Save on wait staff costs by letting your customers do their own ordering at a kiosk.

Hardware Integration

Seamlessly integrate our POS system into your business operations, from Scale and caller ID software to label printers and scanners.

Loyalty Program

An in-built customer loyalty program that helps you to reward the people that matter – your regulars! Pre-set reward redemption levels, run promotions and track customer reward points in real-time with this feature. It’s also a great way for you to learn more about your customers and their buying behaviour.

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