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12 Tips on impressing your customers if you’re a restaurant

Running a restaurant is more than just about providing good food. These days, with the prevalence of cooking shows and food industry related reality shows, every couch potato is a potential food critic, and customers are arguably becoming more critical and more demanding than ever before.

There are of course a number of things that you can do to impress your customers if you’re a restaurant owner, including investing in a restaurant POS system (Point of Sale system) that will improve efficiency and customer service. But if you’re looking to really go the extra mile, here are 12 tips on how to impress your customers:

  1. Always give your customers options. The more options they have, the happier the customers will be.
  2. Avoid restaurant jargon when talking to a customer. A customer can easily become agitated if they can’t understand what you’re saying.
  3. Add something extra to the customer’s bag or package, like a coupon or a thank you note.
  4. When a customer makes a reservation, take down the customer’s name and the occasion for the reservation (if any). When they arrive, have them addressed by name and escorted to their table, which should be decorated for the specific occasion.
  5. Always anticipate your customer wishes. For example, instead of waiting for your customers to ask for a refill, anticipate their wishes by refilling their cup before they even ask.
  6. Acknowledge all of your customers, especially the returning ones. Get to know them and show them that you care to create an “at home” feeling in your restaurant.
  7. When customers give you feedback, make sure you act on it. That might mean responding to a customer complaint on Yelp or Facebook in a courteous and professional manner, or following through on a request for a new dish by adding it to the menu. Use customer feedback to create a positive change in your restaurant.
  8. When you have an angry customer, always let the customer finish speaking before responding. When you do, speak with a friendly tone no matter the circumstance and how hard it is. In a really stressful situation, stay calm by taking deep breaths and step away for a minute if you need to.
  9. Always provide service with a smile! Not only do customers respond better to happy people, smiling even when you’re down will make you feel happier.
  10. Engage customers in small talk. Ask them how their day is going, complement them on their outfit or cute child, etc.
  11. Talk to your customers through social media. They enjoy knowing your business isn’t just some faceless corporation.
  12. Make the “welcome” and “goodbye” memorable. Since customers remember the first and the last minutes of service more than all of the rest, make sure that you (or your staff) leave a sincere and lasting impression.

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