For some businesses, the POS is just the beginning.

We at Abacus offer add-ons for all your operations
from the counter, to the kitchen, to the stockroom floor.

Please contact our team for more information on add-on pricing.

Our advanced add-ons are the real deal! Custom built by us, they are fully integrated!

Integrate Abacus POS with CCTV so you can see the details of every transaction right with its footage!

Let your customers see their order as the cashier puts it through. When inactive, the Customer-Facing Display shows a slideshow of your chosen pictures, be they promotional graphics, or professional food photography.

Assign each customer a number for their order, and the Customer Wait Screen will show them when their order is ready to be picked up!

Are TV screens part of your store setup and décor? With our digital display, you’ll be able to remotely control what’s being shown on those screens.

Move on from paper menus by providing your customers a digital menu on an iPad, so they can see all of your delicious dishes!

Also known as kitchen bump screen, this application lets you replace traditional paper dockets in commercial kitchens with a digital display for a neater, paperless ordering system.

Stock in, stock out, and send purchase orders from the palm of your hand!

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