Integrate Your Abacus iPad POS with ANZ BladePay™

If you are after a queue-buster, check out the ANZ BladePay™! This handy device has ANZ’s own integrated payment system, ANZ FastPay®, for card and mobile payments.With Abacus’ specifically tailored application suite for ANZ BladePay™, table ordering is also possible from the payment device.


Options for ordering functions

Seamless integration with Abacus backend

Connection to multiple POS terminals

Air Pay

Air Pay replaces your traditional credit/debit card merchant service by connecting the ANZ BladePay™ directly to your Abacus POS, bypassing PC-EFTPOS and streamlining your workflow. When you select a debit or credit option on the Abacus POS, the payment amount will instantly send to Air Pay on the ANZ BladePay™. Invite your customer to tap their card or mobile wallet on the BladePay™ when prompted to complete the payment.

Air Pay replaces your credit card merchant by connecting the BladePay™ directly to Abacus, bypassing PC-EFTPOS and streamlining your workflow

Easy to count on
Air Pay is fully integrated, registering the total order without any information being lost

No more manual mistakes
Using Air Pay, you will no longer need to manually key in the amount to be paid, avoiding the mistakes and inconvenience caused from manual keying-in



Razor is the all-in-one Point of Sales (POS) solution. With Razor on the BladePay™, you won’t need any other software or hardware – at all! Razor allows you to make an order, take debit or credit card payment on the spot, and then e-mail or SMS the receipt to your customers. This standalone application works online and offline, wherever you are. Forget expensive iPads, stands, and printers – all you need to run your business is Razor on the BladePay™!

On-the-go ordering
Benefit from a standalone application that allows you to take an order wherever you are, on the go, whether you offer eat in, takeaway, buzzer service, or delivery.

All-in-one compact technology
Manage your order from start to finish in a compact but powerful user interface that gives access to all of your products, product variants, local transaction history, and customer database.

Instant payment
Maximise efficiency with Razor’s integrated payment function, which provides the options for split-payment, discounts, and tips.


Waiter Pad

Waiter Pad on ANZ BladePay™ is an invaluable asset for quick food ordering services. Take orders and payments on the spot, keeping queues under control. By taking orders in advance, you will allow your kitchen to prepare for orders, increasing productivity and streamlining production. Waiter Pad communicates with Abacus just like a waiter pad, only it is even more compact and portable, with in-built payment. By saving you time, Waiter Pad allows you to increase customer satisfaction and return rates as customers benefit from speedy, high quality service.

Bust those queues!
Take orders on the spot from queuing customers, keeping queues under control in your quick food service.

Streamline production
Allow your kitchen to prepare for similar orders by taking the orders in advance, increasing productivity and streamlining production.

Never miss a customer
Increase customer satisfaction and increase return rates as customers benefit from high quality service.


Punch Clock

Punch Clock is a revolutionary clocking system made to fit in the palm of your hand – or, rather, the palms of your staff members’ hands. Streamline your attendance management by enabling staff to swiftly clock in and clock out, with no delays or mistakes.

Cloud-based clocking system
Have all your clocking information synced conveniently to the cloud, so you can view when your staff clocked in and out in the context of your whole business backend.

Protect your data
As well as syncing to the cloud, Punch Clock stores attendance information locally so you don’t have to worry about losing data if the Internet goes down.

Foolproof technology
By taking a photo of your staff clocking in, Punch Clock has no room for error, and is more reliable and lightweight than traditional attendance management systems.


Table Pay

Traditionally, restaurants have to print out bills, hand them to customers, and wait for customers to bring them to the counter. This process is time-consuming, and it can be stressful tracking bills – especially when it gets busy! Table Pay cuts out this whole process – order review and payment are dealt with in one swift step. This speeds up service, simplifies round trips, and increases efficiency.

Table service at its finest
Allow your customers to order and pay right at the table; just click the table number, take the order, and receive payment on the spot.

Every table in one
It doesn’t matter which table number your customer is at, Table Pay has them all; avoid mishaps where customers pay for the wrong order or forget their table number in your restaurant.

Order review options
Facilitate your diners’ experience by reviewing their order at their seats.


ANZ BladePay™