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The benefits of having a tablet POS system for your business

Using a tablet in business, as well as for private use, has become the norm. It can be seen as just a digital notepad for some, but for others, particularly in the hospitality and retail sector, it is as integral to their business as their members of staff.


A tablet Point of Sale system can bring so much more to the table in terms of new ways to engage with customers, reduction in costs, and increasing sales and customer satisfaction. By streamlining a number of services, it can also reduce some of the manual duties placed on staff and management, leaving them free to focus on the clients and maximising the income stream to the business. Here are some of the key benefits a tablet POS system will offer your company.


Customer satisfaction and engagement

Not having to queue up to pay a bill in a hospitality establishment is a big plus for consumers. Being able to take orders at the table using a tablet, then bringing it back to the client for payment is one advantage your business will have over others.


Similarly, if you wanted to set up outside sales areas for wining and dining or at concerts or other public events, nothing could be easier for staff than using a tablet. It also cuts down on arguments about who ordered what, as staff simply enter the requirements into a pre-set menu. Waiting time is cut down and client turnaround sped up, which enables you to get more paying clients in through the door.


In other sectors the tablet POS system is equally invaluable, as it allows staff to quickly check customer enquiries about what products are in stock and to place orders on the spot.


In the retail clothing industry, the tablet POS system can show items in a number of colours and styles without the client having to walk around the store to find them.


Seamless stock management process

Returns can also be processed a lot quicker if sales staff members are equipped with tablet POS systems. They can be deployed across the sales floor and their time can be used efficiently to deal with customer enquiries and returns, while at the same time monitoring stock control.


Depending on the software, new stock can be ordered automatically when it reaches a pre-set level. Shrinkage levels (loss of profit due to stolen, damaged or miscounted stock) are a lot easier for supervisors to manage. Stocktaking becomes part of the automated process, reducing the need to take staff away from key tasks such as sales, engaging with consumers, and promoting the company loyalty programme.


Links with your ecommerce business

Consumers can order using their smartphones or mobile devices, and call and collect in store knowing that the order will be ready and waiting for them. Companies can even operate a “fast lane” pay service if staff members are equipped with a tablet POS system, which will also allow staff to update the customers’ loyalty cards.


In short, a tablet POS system can revolutionise the way you run your business. There is all this (and more) that a tablet POS system can offer your company, so making the switch really is not a hard pill to swallow when you weigh up the benefits that it will bring.


For the simply smarter POS solution that will transform the way you run your business, check out the Abacus difference today. Our clients include cafés, restaurants, franchise outlets, fine food establishments, quick food outlets, retail stores, delis and grocery stores.


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