Abacus: Your POS software solution for cafés

Take the management of your café to the next level with Abacus, the Point of Sale software program and application that’s perfect for café owners. Designed with the everyday operations of a café in mind, it comes with a complete suite of POS solutions that make the efficient management of a café so easy!

Product Status

Keep better track of your products than ever before with the handy product status feature that allows you to set and mark products with various status updates such as popular, new or sold out. Not only will this help your staff when selling products, it also prevents them from accidentally selling a sold out item.

Advanced Modifier

This simple and easy to maintain modifier saves precious minutes when you’re on the go! Even better, it comes pre-loaded with a best practice coffee modifier – exactly what every café needs – and it also provides single touch access to other modifiers without pop-ups or page flipping like other POS systems.

Set and Forget Printing

When you’re running a café, the last thing anyone has time to worry about is the printing of dockets. Avoid having to remember pickup times and the hassle of constantly checking the printing docket – our Abacus POS system for cafés allows you to set a time for printing dockets so you can walk away and forget about it.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your most loyal customers! The customer loyalty and reward feature makes it so easy by allowing your customers to earn points and get rewards for their regular patronage. Plus it helps you to build a customer database for marketing and promotional purposes.

Time Keeping

Timekeeping is a necessary part of running any business, including cafés. Abacus helps you to simplify the clock in and clock out process for your staff, and also generates timesheets for your accountant so you can save your time and energy for the more important things!

Performance Indicator

Don’t just take your staff member or customer’s word for it. Our handy performance indicator function actually times orders so you know exactly how long your customers are having to wait for their orders and when a particular order was completed.


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