Abacus: Your POS software solution for cafés

Cafés are a growing industry - what will make yours stand out? Customers love a relaxed environment, timely service, correct orders, and staff who aren't stressed. That's why we've made Abacus so quick and easy to use- so you can focus on everything else that makes you, you!

Highly customisable modifiers

How long does it take to order a large vanilla latte with soy milk and two sugars? Save precious seconds with single touch access to modifiers, instead of dealing with pop-ups or flipping pages like you might with other POS systems.

Remote management

We get it - you probably don't want to be in store every single time you add something to the menu. With remote management, you can update your menu and prices from anywhere in the world!

Intuitive workflow

An intimidating POS is stressful, which makes staff less chirpy than usual. Abacus POS has an intuitive workflow, so you don't have to worry about training staff for hours on end.

Customer loyalty

When you've got regular customers, you've got regular orders. Remember that person who likes large vanilla lattes with soy milk and two sugars? Reload their past orders at the touch of a button!

Print anywhere

Why not print coffees at the coffee counter, and sandwiches in the kitchen? It only makes sense to print orders where they'll be made, so the right staff can get started straight away!


With every transaction, you generate a wealth of information with which you can analyse your business. We help you access it through a rich collection of reports ranging from your top selling products, to your staff performance!