Events POS

Abacus: Your POS software solution for selling at events

Abacus POS is easy to set up and simple to use so you don’t have to spend hours getting started and packing up every day. It’s designed to be fast, powerful, and compact, making it ideal for you to make sales at buzzing events.

Easy to use

Get to business quickly and easily with the intuitively designed Abacus POS interface. You can customise your Point of Sale screen so your products are arranged the way that works best for you.

Minimal hardware

You can choose to run Abacus POS on a standard iPad, an iPad mini, or the ANZ BladePayTM. Whatever your preference, Abacus requires minimal hardware, so you can take it wherever your event is, whether that’s at an arena, a park, or a shopping centre.

Wireless payments

If charging’s not an option, select one of our wireless payment providers and you can take card payments on battery. Abacus integrates with a variety of payment devices such as the ANZ BladePayTM and the Westpac Presto Smart, which run for several hours on one charge.

Offline operations

No internet? No problem. You can still make sales if your internet connection drops out. Abacus works with payment providers using backup 3G/4G to ensure that your sales don’t go down with the internet.

Real-time reporting

Monitor your stock and identify your bestsellers in reports that are generated in real time. Abacus POS reports are constantly updated and available for you to look at, whether you’re at the POS, or at home on your laptop.

On-the-spot changes

Keep up the pace with editing capabilities on the spot. You can change your products, adjust your pricing, and mark items as “Sold Out” at any time. Be ready for any last-minute changes should your hot cakes sell like… well, hot cakes.