Quick Food Service

Abacus: Your POS software solution for quick food service providers

In an industry where speed and efficiency is the name of the game, Abacus is the Point of Sale software program and application that you need to stay competitive. Equipped with features that are just perfect for the fast paced environment of quick food outlets, it’s an asset to your business that you shouldn’t do without!

Kitchen Display Screen

Streamline your order and food preparation processes with our handy kitchen display screen feature. Not only does it eliminate the use of paper in your kitchens, it even has the ability to group identical items so that your staff will be able to prepare them at the same time.

Advanced Modifier

This simple and easy to maintain modifier saves precious minutes when you’re on the go! Even better, it comes pre-loaded with a best practice coffee modifier and provides single touch access to other modifiers without pop-ups or page flipping like other POS systems.

Package Meal and Promotions

Here at Abacus, we know what it takes to run a quick food outlet. That is why the Abacus POS software provides advanced setting options that allow you (or your staff) to easily configure packaged meals and apply promotions where applicable.

Self Ordering and Online Ordering

Eliminate queues with self ordering kiosks that integrate seamlessly with the POS system. Or you could even speed up the ordering process for your customers by allowing them to order online via app. Your customers will thank you for it.

Time Keeping and Rostering

Simplify the rostering process in your outlet – our timekeeping and rostering function allows even casual staff to be easily integrated into the overall operations so there are no mistakes. Plus it will generate timesheets for your accountants when needed so you don’t have to.

Multiple POS Terminals

Got a bunch of POS terminals? No problem! Abacus supports multiple POS terminals with ease, ensuring that any and all terminals are working fine, even without a server. This minimises down time, which means more profits!

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