Abacus: Your restaurant POS software solution

Elevate the running of your restaurant and your customer service with Abacus, the Point of Sale software program and application that’s perfect for restaurants. Designed with the operation of a restaurant in mind, it comes with a complete suite of POS solutions that will make managing your restaurant more efficient than ever before.

Advanced Table Map

Stay on top of things with our advanced table map, which allows you to merge tables quickly and easily, transfer customers from one table to another, or even split orders into different tables – all in just a couple of steps. Also, staff will be alerted when a customer has been waiting for too long, so you’re able to maintain that high level of customer service.

Order List Customisation

Versatility is the name of the game here. Change a printing order, group print orders according to entrée, main course and dessert – whatever you need, Abacus is here to help. Our user friendly interface means all you need to do is drag and drop.


Banquet and Promotion

Here at Abacus, we know what it takes to run a busy restaurant. That is why the Abacus POS software provides advanced setting options that allow you (or your staff) to easily configure banquet meals and apply promotions where applicable.

Advanced kitchen printing

Never lose another customer order again! Our advanced kitchen printing feature not only allows you to control the colour, size and style of printed orders depending on the product, it also makes it easy for you to include special instructions if needed. Even better, the highly customisable printing styles support various languages for excellent multilingual capabilities.


Pay @ Table

Avoid having a queue build up in front of your payment counter. With Abacus, your customers will be able to pay at their table, whether by cash or credit card. Our convenient and speedy payment platform even accepts credit cards without accessing the POS system, thanks to merchant devices such as Tyro and Bolt Payments.

Holidays and Credit Surcharge

The Abacus POS system comes with an automatic program that allows you to add holiday or credit surcharges when necessary. That’s one less thing you and your staff need to worry about, and one more reason to choose Abacus.

Advanced Split Payments

Customers are always asking for split bills – and now you’ll be able to oblige. Our software supports a variety of split payment options, including dividing a bill equally, splitting up a bill according to portion, or keeping track of payments as each item is paid individually. A table of customers can even pay a portion of the bill first and the rest later if they need.


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