Best POS for Restaurants

Abacus: Your restaurant POS software solution

Have you been looking for a system with an advanced table map, course capabilities, and advanced printing? Be our guest!

Advanced table map

Nobody likes awkwardly waving to waiters for their order to be taken. Our table map alerts staff when a table has been waiting to order! What's more, you can keep up with your customer movement by merging tables and transferring orders across tables.


Entrée, main course or dessert - group your courses in any way that works for you! You can even add a sneaky guest reference number so you'll know exactly who ordered what.

Automated specials

We love specials, and so will you when you realise just how easy they are to automate! Set up your weekly specials and their prices will automatically update every day!

Kitchen notes

Sometimes, there are things that only your kitchen needs to know! Send customised notes to your kitchen to let them know when to start an order, or if there are any special instructions! You can also change the text colour, size, and style with our advanced formatting.

Pay at Table

Avoid having a queue build up in front of your payment counter. Abacus is portable, just like its payment devices. Your customers will be able to pay at their table, whether by cash or credit card!

Holidays and Credit Surcharge

The Abacus POS system comes with an automatic program that allows you to add holiday or credit surcharges when necessary. That’s one less thing you and your staff need to worry about, and one more reason to choose Abacus.

Advanced Split Payments

Customers are always asking for split bills – and now you’ll be able to oblige. Our software supports a variety of split payment options, including dividing a bill equally, splitting up a bill according to portion, or keeping track of payments as each item is paid individually.

Set-and-forget printing

Do your guests want to order mains now, but start them in half an hour? Set your docket to print in due time so nothing gets cooked too early!