Abacus: Your POS software solution for retail businesses

Retail is an exceedingly competitive industry, and with so much going on in a retail business at any point in time, it can be hard to keep on top of things. Our Abacus Point of Sale software program and application, which has been designed with the retail industry in mind, is the smart way to get things done. Even better, it integrates seamlessly with your online business too, so whether you have an onsite store, an online retail business or both, the Abacus POS system is for you.


Stock Management

Managing your stock has never been easier. With Abacus, your stock-in and stock-out steps are simplified into 2 easy steps. Plus you’ll be able to keep track of lost or damaged stock, which makes the financial process easier for you come end of financial year.

Real Time Stock Tracking

Check your stock levels from right where you are, either via the POS system or mobile app. Monitoring stock availability has never been easier – and this is all in real time too!

Multiple Discounts

Sale periods are a breeze with the Abacus POS system’s multiple discounts feature. Not only does it support discount functions for your products, it even supports multiple pricing levels for store members. It really is that simple.

Customer Loyalty

Reward your most loyal customers. The customer loyalty and reward feature makes it so easy by allowing your customers to earn points and get rewards for their regular patronage. Plus it helps you to build a customer database for marketing and promotional purposes.

Wireless Scanner

Eliminate cable scanners and switch over to wireless! Our wireless scanner function lets you scan items quickly without the added hassle of cables. It’s one way to increase store productivity that’s for sure.

Check Out Anywhere

Take your in store customer experience to a whole new level by allowing customers to purchase and pay for their items right where they stand. Finalise sales anywhere in your stores with our inbuilt mobile payment feature. With Abacus in hand, your customers no longer have to queue up at the counter!


Everything’s happening on the Internet these days, and Abacus doesn’t want you to be left behind. That’s why our POS system integrates smoothly with e-Commerce systems such as Woocommerce. You’ll also be able to print out orders directly via the POS interface.

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