Sushi Train POS

Sushi Train POS

Abacus: Your Point of Sale Software Solution for Sushi Trains

Japanese-style sushi trains are incredibly popular, so to keep up with the foot traffic, you’re going to need a lot of costly staff – or perhaps you just need smart technology.


Come and join the sushi train!

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Let customers order by themselves

Increase your sales by letting your customers order via a Table Ordering iPad! Customers love the independence of being able to browse your whole menu and place an order at their own pace, without the pressure of a waiter.

After all, that's the appeal of a sushi train, right?

Table Ordering
Sushi Train Point of Sale

Get orders in and out more frequently

When customers can choose whatever they want, whenever they want, they're likely to place orders more frequently. Nobody wants to flag a waiter down for 10 minutes just to order something they could have selected in 10 seconds.

Reduce staff costs

By employing the power of a Table Ordering device, you eliminate the need to employ extra staff to take care of orders. You can even set up your Table Ordering device to upsell products! Who needs staff?!

(Okay, we know you do, but you get the picture.)
Sushi Train Reduce Staff Costs
Sushi Train Design and Menu

Put your best food forward!

When half of your menu is choo-choo-ing past on a sushi train, it’s hard to show customers everything else you offer! An interactive menu is visually striking and fun to use. Upload your best photo for every dish, and customers can order it without delay!

Learn from your reports

Make the most of cloud-based technology by seeing sales reports that get updated in real-time. You'll be able to see which dishes are popular, and which ones might benefit from some sneaky up-selling prompts on your Table Ordering device.
Sushi Train Point of Sale Reports