Sushi Train POS

Abacus: Your POS software solution for sushi trains

Think hard- have you ever seen a quiet sushi train restaurant? Japanese-style sushi trains are incredibly trendy and popular, so to keep up with the foot traffic, you’re going to need a lot of costly staff – or perhaps you just need smart technology.

Table ordering

The clever “conveyor belt” system has one flaw; it’s not easy for people to order dishes that aren’t on the sushi train. Instead of having staff meander around tables, you can have an iPad menu on each table. Customers can order completely on their own, rather than flagging down waiters. After all, that’s the appeal of the sushi train, isn’t it?

Kitchen Display Screen

When you’re running a fast-paced food business, you don’t want to keep people waiting for a meal that they ordered 20 minutes ago. Our Kitchen Display Screen is designed especially for sushi trains, so each order appears in a chronological queue. Your kitchen will know exactly how long each customer has been waiting, and speed up service the smart way.

Customised upselling functions

Anticipate your customers’ needs by customising your own upselling prompts on the kiosk. It doesn’t have to read like a robot, either- you create the question! It’s one way to smoothly transition from one product to another.

Enticing menu display

When half of your menu is on a sushi train, it’s hard to show customers everything else you offer! An interactive menu is visually striking and fun to use. Upload your best photo for every dish, and your enticing menu display will beat any flimsy paper menu.

Minimise staff costs

By giving your customers the power to order via their table’s device, or at a kiosk, you eliminate the need to employ extra staff to take care of orders. Moreover, you cut training costs by controlling the in-built upselling, yourself, and by having the ability to update the menu.


You can make the most of our technology when you see the reports that come through using Abacus POS. Your everyday operations generate reports for your sales activity, including a Best-Selling Products report, so you know which ones are popular, and which ones might benefit from some promotion.