Winery POS

Abacus: Your POS software solution for your winery

Wine, dine, sell online! Abacus POS helps you manage all aspects of your wine business, from selling gift cards online, to splitting the bill at the cellar door. Add the functionality to run sales reports, manage a customer database, and track your stock… now we’re poppin’ champagne!

Wine clubs

Generate ongoing revenue by running a subscription-based wine club through your Abacus POS system. Your members can benefit from special deals, and you can benefit from a loyal customer base. Your promotions, discounts, and point earning schemes can work online and in-store!

Gift cards

Let your customers share their love for your winery by offering gift cards that can be redeemed online, in-store, or at your own restaurant. Minimise the hassle of organising and tracking separate gift cards; your gift cards are automatically tracked in your reports.

Online store

Abacus POS can integrate with your existing website, so it’s easy for customers to make the move from browsing online to buying your wine. You can look up all sales – online and in-store – right from your POS. You don’t even have to be on site; we throw in a smartphone app for your reporting, too!

Stock management

Regulate your inventory by the case, by the bottle, or by the glass. Our stock management lets you choose how you want to measure your wine, so you can be ready before you need to restock. You don’t need to leave the cellar door, either; you can view stock numbers right on the POS, and update stock instantly.

Cellar door and restaurant

Your winery encompasses retail and hospitality, so you want a POS that can do both. Abacus POS brings together advanced dining features and quick retail functions. Not only does this help you operate smoothly, but it gives you important sales information across both the cellar door and restaurant, in the one place.


Abacus POS is a three-in-one system: it works for your online store, cellar door, and restaurant. This means that you get detailed reports for all three! Analyse sales across all three sources so you know how each area of your business is performing to make informed long term decisions.