Email & SMS Campaigns

Abacus Email & SMS Campaigns manages your email and SMS marketing. Use Email & SMS Campaigns to draft, schedule, and send messages to your customers and other designated recipients.

Monitor the sending success, openings, and click rates, in a table form comparing different campaigns, or in a report detailing the success of individual campaigns. Arrange e-mails to welcome new customers, or to let them know deals they’re missing out on if they have not visited in a while.

Drive sales by providing links to your online ordering webpage, and plan your subsequent campaigns according to the success of your past ones. Engage your customers with a form that allows unprecedented personalisation with your automated design.

The Benefits of Abacus Campaigns

  • Strengthens brand presence
  • Keeps your customers up-to-date
  • Facilitates targeted marketing
  • Drives sales
  • Tracks success
  • Updates in real time

Campaigns overview dashboard

See at a glance how many of your contacts opened, clicked, or blacklisted your campaigns. View how many email, SMS, and trigger marketing campaigns have been sent or drafted.

Gallery of ready-made email templates

Select an email template from the dozens available, or get ideas for your next email marketing campaign. All templates are mobile-friendly, and look great on any screen!

Comparative tables

View all of your sent campaigns in comparative tables listing the number of openers, clickers, and unsubscribed recipients. Like an advanced personal inbox, see your sent, draft, scheduled, running, and archived email campaigns.

Organisable customer database

Import your customers and add any details to make your database as refined as you wish. Organise your customers into groups so select contacts can receive select marketing campaigns.


See on a calendar when your campaigns were, and what their performance was overall.