CCTV Integration

Abacus integrates with RedflagPOS CCTV, so when you view your CCTV footage, you can see POS information corresponding to any transaction, as well as any cash drawer openings. View who was logged in at any time and see which items were ordered, the amount paid, and any cancellations, discounts, or refunds.
By integrating CCTV with your POS system, you can keep your business secure, your footage organised, and your staff safe.

The benefits

  • Matches footage with transactions
  • Decreases risk of theft
  • Works with multiple locations
  • Facilitates staff training
  • CCTV hardware-agnostic

Order Search

Search for any type of order (eg. “Cash transactions”) and you’ll instantly find all its footage and transaction information. This includes the total sales amount, the items ordered, the payment method, and any discounts!


Quickly find footage for any suspicious transaction using customised filters for discounts, cancellations, refunds, wastage, and voids. Further refine your search with filters such as “cash transactions over $100”.

Remote Access

You can view your annotated CCTV footage from your mobile, iPad, or computer. Having 24/7 remote access means that you can always have an eye on your store with peace of mind! Available on iOS, Android, and Web.

Download & Share Events

Download videos straight to your device for safekeeping, or to show to relevant personnel. When two heads are better than one, give other users access to Redflag POS CCTV, so you can share events directly with them – comments and all!