Customer-Facing Display

The Customer-Facing Display displays a customer’s order as the cashier puts it through. When inactive, it shows a slideshow of your chosen pictures, be they promotional graphics, or professional food photography.

The Benefits of the Abacus SCustomer-Facing Display app

  • Provides appetising sneak peak
  • Guarantees order accuracy
  • Updates in Real Time
  • Enables membership QR code scanning
  • Enables instant sign-up
  • Allows feedback

Line-by-line order listing

Let your customer see a list of every item they’re ordering. Avoid order mistakes and price discrepancies. Give your customer the satisfaction of seeing the price go down when any discounts are applied!

Customised slideshow

While your customer decides what to order, the Customer-Facing Display will display a slideshow of your choosing. Show culinary sneak peaks, recommendations, and promotions that automatically disappear when the order starts being taken.

In-built scanning

When used in conjunction with the Loyalty Marketing module, the Customer-Facing Display can scan the QR code of a registered customer and load it up on the screen, so the customer can see how many points they’ve earned, and how many they’ve redeemed.

Instant sign-up option

Invite your customers to register their details with you straight from the Customer-Facing Display! When used in conjunction with Email & SMS Campaigns, you can send them promotional emails and SMS campaigns.

Feedback submission

Let customers rate your service and submit feedback on the spot, with or without their name. You’ll be able to view all feedback on the Abacus backend portal, and know who was serving at the time.