Customer Wait Screen

To be used in conjunction with the Abacus Kitchen Display Screen (KDS), the Abacus Customer Wait Screen allows the customer to see when their order is ready, eliminating the need for a buzzer.

Assign the customer their docket with order number, and as soon as the kitchen ticks off their docket on the KDS, the order number will appear as a “completed” order. Increase customer confidence and workplace efficiency as the customer knows immediately when to collect their order.

Customer Wait Screen


  • Eliminates Need for Buzzer
  • Increases Customer Confidence
  • Clarifies Order Status
  • Updates in Real Time
  • Integrates with POS & KDS
  • Improves workflow


Clear & Intuitive Visual Display

Preparing orders are on the left, ready orders are on the right. Project the Wait Screen on a large television, and your customers will know for sure when to pick up their order.

Customer Wait Screen

Advertising space aplenty

While your customers are waiting for their orders to be prepared, let them know what promotions you are running. The Wait Screen accommodates advertisements, slideshows, and video.

Direct Communication with KDS

Don’t worry about discrepancies between different systems; the Wait Screen communicates directly with the Kitchen Display Screen. See your orders progress in real time.

Tap to Remove Collected Order Numbers

When your customer has picked up their order, just tap their order number to remove it from the screen.

Informative icons

See extra information attached to each order in the form of nifty little icons. Registered customer orders are marked with a star, and mobile app orders are marked with a smartphone.

Note: Photos are for demonstration purposes only. Actual product may differ.

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