Digital Display

The Abacus Digital Display application is perfect for projecting your menu onto a large screen. Attract customers from outside or entice your customers inside with an attractive menu displaying your offers of the day.
Upload your best product photos, customise the layout, and schedule your menu changes or control the menu remotely. Make your order area dynamic and exciting with a Digital Display that your customers won’t forget!

The Benefits of the Abacus Digital Display

  • Instantly Attracts
  • Customises menu for different days
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Strengthens brand presence
  • Updates in real time
  • Increases customer confidence

Remote Menu Control

Create playlists of videos, pictures, and music to apply to your menu by using the Abacus backend portal. Choose exactly how long each image will show for, and add videos as you see fit.

Menu Scheduling Options

Schedule the right menu to appear at the right time, on the right day. Advertise promotions specific to any period.

High Quality Photo Capacity

Upload your most appetising, sharpest images and they will retain their quality on the Digital Display. Give your customers a sneak peek of the most popular dishes, or zoom up on the details in a video.

Multiple screens

Use the multiple screen scheduling options to spread your menu across several screens. Consider syncing a video across them for an eye-catching display!

Customised Branding

Exercise total creative freedom in choosing the videos, music, and images for each screen’s slideshow. Strengthen your brand image (or jingle!) in an unforgettable display.