Kitchen Display Screen

The Abacus Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) allows the POS to communicate orders directly to the kitchen so kitchen staff can efficiently prepare and keep track of dishes. The responsive interface allows orders to be listed in various ways so that similar orders can be prepared at the same time, improving workflow, organisation, and efficiency.
The KDS alerts the kitchen when an item has not yet been prepared, minimising the risk of losing orders. To keep track of dishes, kitchen staff can set individual items from an order as being held, prepared, cooked, or finished, before ticking off the whole docket.

The benefits of the Abacus Stock Management app

  • Increases Operational Efficiency
  • Controls Workflow
  • Captures Staff Performance
  • Eliminates Need for Printers
  • Integrates with POS
  • Updates in real time

Virtual Docket System

Instead of printing paper dockets, the KDS displays virtual dockets for each order, listing each item like a traditional docket. A timer is located on the top right corner of each docket to show how long ago the order was put through. Tick a docket to remove it from the main screen.

Item Colour-Coding Options

Tap an item to change its background colour to reflect its progress: new/default (white), preparing (beige), held (yellow), requested (blue), or completed (green). On the Abacus backend portal, set text colours for particular products so they stand out.

Alert for Long Wait Times

How long should customers wait for their orders to come out: twenty minutes? Ten minutes? One minute? Set any timeframe for your KDS to alert you when an order becomes “urgent” by your standards.

Item Queue Display

For quick food services, use the Item Queue display. Items will be organised in the sequence in which they were ordered, so those in line get their food on time. First come, first served!

Preparation Time

On your Abacus backend portal, see how long it takes for an order to be completed, according to how long an item stays on the KDS before being marked as completed. Compare product preparation times with the average order completion time.

Grouped Items display

View items in groups so you can prepare the same item in batches, saving time in the kitchen when the same orders keep coming through.