Multi-Site POS System

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Abacus multi-site point of sale system is designed to grow alongside your business, providing you with the tools to open and manage new stores with ease. 

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Australia’s Leading POS System

Created to scale with your business, our restaurant POS system helps you grow faster and easier.

  • A simple, intuitive and cleverly designed program interface means more time spent serving customers and less time training staff
  • Improve efficiency and increase table turnover with customisable table maps and floor plans
  • Adapt quickly and make changes to your menus on the fly
  • Manage all of your orders on Abacus POS, with efficient kitchen production workflows for dine-in, takeaway or pick-up and delivery
  • Track inventory, calculate costs and profit with leading accounting software integration

Our comprehensive POS System includes all the hardware you need, whether that includes scales, scanners, printers, or cash drawers – no networking knowledge required.

Powerful Reporting Insights

Have the sales reports for all of your stores at your fingertips.  

  • Track the sales performance of each store in a central location
  • Benchmark your current performance to your past reports
  • Utilise the data across all store locations to make informed decisions
  • Effectively manage resources by providing support to underperforming stores
  • The Pocket Manager mobile app enables you to monitor real-time sales reports from anywhere
  • Get your sales insight automatically sent to your inbox daily, and make any improvements to your business quickly

Open Your Business To Online Sales

Future-proof your business by pivoting to online ordering and delivery.

  • Manage all stores and optimise operations within one platform
  • Online ordering can be set up in 24 hours*
  • Easily integrate with major ordering and delivery apps, such as DoorDash, Deliveroo and UberEats to create new revenue streams and meet customer expectations
  • Analyse sales reports to create attractive promotions
  • Provide excellent customer service with delivery status notifications
  • Maximise profits by upselling popular products and creating combos
  • $0 Setup and no ongoing monthly subscription fees (Abacus POS subscription fees still apply)

Enhance The Customer Experience With Self-Ordering Kiosks

Increase profitability, save costs and create a more efficient workspace with our self-ordering kiosks.

  • Minimise queues and offer shorter wait times as customers will be able to put through an order in as little as 5 taps.
  • Guarantees order accuracy, resulting in lesser wastage and a positive customer experience.
  • Cater to customers with certain dietary preferences, food intolerances and allergies, with the meal customisation feature.
  • We integrate with leading payment providers such as: LivenPay, WeChat Pay and AliPay.

Improve Work Efficiency With A Kitchen Display Screen

Speed up service, reduce ticket errors and manage incoming orders with a state-of-the-art Kitchen Display Screen.

  • Orders made will be sent directly to your kitchen, improving order turnaround times and accuracy
  • Seamless integration with Abacus solutions allows orders from your self-ordering kiosks and online ordering platform to be sent to the kitchen as soon as they come in
  • Increase efficiency and streamline back of house operations with an order display view that complements your workflow

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Why Abacus POS Is The Fastest Growing System For Restaurants

✓ We offer greater value for money

✓ Australian local sales, development and support 

✓ Plenty of payment integrations to give customers more choice

✓ We offer comprehensive multi-site POS solutions that help hospitality businesses across every area

✓ Integrated self-ordering & mobile app technology 

✓ System is easily scalable for customers who are seeking to grow

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