Customise Your iPad POS System With Loyalty Marketing

The Abacus Point of Sale Loyalty Marketing module allows you to manage a loyalty system so you can reward existing customers and gain new ones. By running a points system, you show customers that they are appreciated, and encourage them to continue returning to your business.

The benefits of Abacus Loyalty Marketing

  • Retain and gain customers
  • Control whole reward system
  • Updates in real time
  • Integrated reward recognition in POS
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Get to know your customers better
Customise your points system and track its progress in real time!

Advanced Customer Database

Keep your customer database simple, or create custom criteria for profiling purposes! You'll also have access to every invoice in a customer's name.

Highly Customisable Points System

Is every fifth coffee free? Do customers get 20% off when they earn 100 points? Can they only earn points when they spend $5 or more? Customise your own points system to offer benefits that suit your business.

Membership Levels

Create unlimited membership levels for your customers and reward them accordingly. Bronze member? 10% off for you! Platinum member? 20% off!

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Generate vouchers for single use only, or create gift cards for your customers to purchase. Because it's totally integrated, the iPad POS system will automatically know when a voucher has been used, so it can't be used again!