Online Ordering

The Abacus Online Ordering package allows your customers to order through a mobile app or through your website, and these orders go straight to your POS.
Give your customers the opportunity to order ahead and skip the queue, or have their order delivered to their home. Abacus’ Online Ordering web service unobtrusively integrates within your existing site, while the smartphone app is branded your way, strengthening your brand and presence. Provide your customers a desirable ordering experience while also decreasing your wait staff’s service time. As part of the Abacus system, all online ordering integrates with your sales reports.

The Benefits of the Abacus Online Ordering app

  • Updates In Real Time
  • Manages Inventory
  • Decreases Service Time
  • Strengthens Brand Presence
  • Integrates with Reporting System
  • Enhances Customer Experience
  • Sends directly to POS

Smartphone Application

Give your customers a smartphone application from which they can browse your menu and order online wherever they are. They will receive instant notifications updating them on the progress of their order, whether it’s for pick-up or delivery. When used in conjunction with the Loyalty Marketing module, the application can also double up as a customer loyalty card, tracking their points and letting them know when it’s time to redeem.

Integrated Web Service

If you have a website, we can integrate your own web ordering platform into it. If you don’t have a website, we can help you make one, too. Whether you’re in retail or hospitality, we can help you create the right kind of website for online ordering.

Menu Control

Create your menu so it can reflect your products instore, or change it completely for online ordering. Upload your best photos to make your online store or menu irresistible.

Real-Time POS Notifications

Every time an online order comes through, your POS will be alerted straight away. Manage the progress of the order from the POS so your customer knows when their order is ready for pick-up, or when it is reaching its destination.

Customised Branding

Strengthen your business with your own customised branding. Tell us what features and image you’re after, and we’ll help you make your service unique and memorable.