Customers place orders through your online ordering website

Orders are automatically sent to your Abacus POS for approval

Accepted orders are sent to your Kitchen Display Screen in real-time

Watch our video to learn more about our Online Ordering

Doing what we can to help our Australian Hospitality Businesses

Your physical doors may be closed for now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop what you love doing most. Your customers can still experience your amazing products and services through our Online Ordering platform that gives you access to takeaway and delivery ordering options.

Tell us you’re interested by letting us know here. Otherwise you can begin a chat with our product specialists by clicking the chat bubble in the corner of your screen!

Log into your Abacus backend, and begin putting together your own Online Ordering store.

To help with all the uncertainty, we are offering you

$0 Setup Fees

$0 Monthly Subscription Fees (Forever!)

5% Transaction Rate

*Abacus POS subscription fees still apply.

Doing what we can to help our Australian Hospitality Businesses

Customers place an order and it automatically appears on your POS

Takeaway & Delivery Options
To practise social distancing, your customers can place orders for takeaway or delivery

Accessible on Mobile & Desktop
With your online web store, customers can place orders anytime with their computer or phone

Customisable Menu
Replicate your existing in-store menu, or modify it as you please

Supports Multiple Locations
If you have more than one location, you can manage all your sites within the one platform

Generate More Sales
With minimal movement, expect your customers wanting to order meals online more than ever

New Features


Cost of delivery based on kilometers

Duplicate your existing menu for online ordering

Combo support (Multi-tiered variants)

Theme customisation

Promotion Coupons