Point of Sale

Our Point of Sale system comes packed with great features that look great and work even better. We don’t believe in unnecessary fluff and complicated instructions when it comes to our POS software. Abacus is exactly what you need, how you need it.
The first step to a simply smarter business is a simply smarter point of sale!


Our clean, simple yet attractive interface is fully customisable so you can make it look exactly the way you want it to. Replace buttons with photos, change the colour codes or drag and drop the elements – the possibilities are endless. It also shows your products' status and real-time stock levels, while the conversational ordering feature ensures maximum efficiency and convenience.


Manage your stock easily with the ability to track your stock in real time. Pre-set stock levels so that you are immediately notified when stock is low, or even better, let the system automatically order new stock for you when needed.*

*Add-on required


Never lose track of a docket again. Our system will detect any issues with your printer and notify you of any errors so that you can redirect your docket to a different printer if necessary. You can set a delay for printing, and print in multiple languages so that nothing gets lost in translation!


Our integrated card payment feature means that your servers won’t need to manually enter the total amount when ringing up a customer’s purchase. This also comes with a handy advanced split payment function that will allow your servers to split bills with ease, and it’ll help you to keep track of customer deposit payments and installments too.

Online Reservations

Let your customers book a table with our online reservation service. Whether your restaurant does lunch or dinner, your customers will be able to see what times are available and request a booking. You’ll be able to keep them updated in real time on their table availability with integrated e-mail and SMS services!

Hardware Integration

Seamlessly integrate our POS system into your business operations, from scales and caller ID software, to label printers and scanners.


As your customers will find out, setting up appointments has never been easier. Our appointments feature offers real-time syncing so that they are instantly updated. That means no more unnecessary mix-ups!


From timesheets and generating summary work hours to real-time updates on sales figures and monitoring of staff performance, this feature has it all – and one more thing. Our system also monitors your business for suspicious activity, for extra protection and your peace of mind.

Pocket Manager

It’s all about mobility these days. We understand how busy life as a business owner can get, so we’ve included an app for your phone or mobile device that allows you to keep track of sales and manage inventory from wherever you might be. You can even increase or decrease the prices of your online products.