Pocket Manager

Do you ever wish you could carry a manager in your pocket, so you could find out your sales information at any time, and update pricing anywhere you go?

We, do, too, which is why we’ve made a Pocket Manager app for your smartphone to connect with your Abacus POS!

Whether you're on the train, the plane, or foreign terrain, you've got sales data right at your fingertips!

Real-time sales data

Where you've got internet connection, you've got real-time sales. Your Pocket Manager pulls down your cloud data instantly so you always have an eye on your business!

Quick facts

You're a busy business owner, you don't have time for big calculations. Your Pocket Manager gets to the point with the daily guest count, discounts, speed of service, and other quick facts to keep you up to date!


The Pocket Manager app is small, but powerful! See your top selling products, compare sales across the month, and retrieve historical sales summaries!


Sometimes you make realisations when you're on the go. Maybe you've seen a competitor's pricing, maybe demand is greater than usual — update your pricing on the spot!

Multi-site access

It doesn't matter whether you have one store or twenty. View sales information for any store — from a single login!

Low battery usage

Where's the convenience of an app when it drains your phone battery? The Pocket Manager is optimised for minimal battery usage so you can stay connected. Without. Your. Phone. Dying. All. The. Time.