Studio Proper POS Protection Screen

$160.00 inc GST

Protection Screen For Your POS

With restrictions in Australia slowly easing, how can businesses ensure that customer and worker safety remain the top priority?

Introducing the Point Of Sale (POS) Acrylic Protection Screen. Designed to fit perfectly onto the Abacus Flex stand and Dual tablet, it is suited for point of sale locations in supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores and more. With businesses around the world undertaking many safeguards to protect customers and employees alike, a physical barrier such as the POS Protection Screen is an effective and proactive measure to protect all parties.

Made in Melbourne, this durable, lightweight and transparent protective screen is easy to set up, and can be easily mounted and installed onto your POS with just 3 fasteners. This looks to prevent the spread of germs in critical areas while keeping both customer and staff safe and hygienic, as they go about their transactions. Neatly integrated into the pos hardware setup already in use, the POS Protection Screen will be available by end-May and will retail at $160.