Abacus: Your POS software solution for Retail Businesses

Retail is an exceedingly competitive industry, and with so much going on in a retail business at any point in time, it can be hard to keep on top of things. Our Abacus Point of Sale software program and application, which has been designed with the retail industry in mind, is the smart way to get things done. Even better, it integrates seamlessly with your online business too, so whether you have an onsite store, an online retail business or both, the Abacus POS system is for you.

The features that make the Abacus Retail POS the best in the market


Our clean, simple and attractive user interface is fully customisable to your needs and brand. The Dashboard feature shows your products’ status and real-time stock levels, while the conversational ordering feature ensures more efficient customer service.


Manage your stock easily with the ability to track your stock in real-time. You can pre-set stock levels so that you are immediately notified when stock is low, and our POS software solution even lets the system automatically order new stock for you when required.


Our integrated card payment feature means that your servers won’t need to manually enter the total amount when ringing up a customer’s purchase, while the handy advanced split payment function allows your staff to easily split a single purchase into separate payments if required.


From timesheets and generating summary work hours to monitoring of staff performance, this feature has it all – plus one more thing. For extra protection and your peace of mind, our system also monitors your business for suspicious activity.

Pocket Manager

It’s all about mobility these days, and running a retail business is no different. That’s why our POS solution also has an app for your phone or mobile device. Now you can keep track of sales figures, manage inventory and monitor staff – all at a glance.


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