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Square Reader with
Abacus POS

Integrate Your Abacus POS with Square

Abacus Point of Sale has integrated with Square to provide you a seamless transaction process. Integration allows your Abacus POS to communicate directly with your Square reader, which means speedy payments and easy reconciliation.

Square Reader


Integrated payment

Works with Abacus

Free, instant signup

Easy setup process


No commitments, long-term contracts, or monthly fees

All-round support

Phone, email, and Twitter support

Covers all bases

Takes payments using magnetic stripe, chip cards, and NFC

Quick turnover

Deposits funds within 1-2 business days

Super security

Multi-layer encryption

Payment freedom

Phone, email, and Twitter support

1. Sign up with Abacus

Get in touch with Abacus and we’ll sort out your account

2. Set up with Square

Acquire a Square Reader and follow the setup instructions