The POS software solution and system that runs on your Touchpad

At Abacus, we believe that good Point of Sale software programs should work across a range of devices for maximum accessibility. That is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that our POS system works on a variety of devices, including touchpads.

Whether you have an online business or an on-site store, the Abacus Point of Sale solution will integrate smoothly with your existing operations. More importantly, it works smoothly with your touchpad device when you install the Abacus application.

The features that make the Abacus Touchpad POS the best in the market

Cloud Based

Get up to date information on your business wherever you are. Our POS software program for touchpads is cloud based for better efficiency and ease of management.

Complete POS Solution

From rostering and sales figures to stock management, access everything on your touchpad with a single login.

Work Online / Offline

No Internet access? No problem! Simply use the software program normally, and all your information will be backed up to the cloud as soon as you’re back online.

Reports and Analysis

Monitor sales and generate comprehensive reports in real-time from your touchpad device.

Your Technology Partner

We’re here for you! Get the support and guidance you need to make the most of our POS software program and application.

Seamless Integration

Our POS system has been designed to integrate easily with your business. Regardless of whether it’s onsite or online, the Abacus Point of Sale software program and application is the smarter way for you to get things done.

The Simply Smarter Touchpad Solution

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