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Abacus Deli POS
Software Solution

POS for Deli Businesses

Abacus Point of Sale is highly customisable in menu setup, pricing, and transaction options so you can run your deli smoothly! With NMI certified scale support, barcode printing, staff tracking, multiple discounts, reporting and waste management, Abacus is the best POS choice for deli businesses.

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Scale Support

Calculate the price of any product based on its weight, and subtract the container weight for more accuracy! Abacus’s software lets you calculate all this instantly, with the option of further modification. Save time with our scale support; it’s been certified by the National Measurement Institute (NMI)!


Keep track of your stock and record wastage so you can minimise unnecessary expenditure. Abacus automatically calculates how much stock you use when you sell your products, making wastage management so much easier!

Barcode Printing

Print product labels right when you weigh an item! Our random weight barcode printing feature lets you label your products accurately so when you scan them at the POS, they’re good to go!


Find out which cuts just don’t cut it. By gaining access to comprehensive reports, you’ll find out which products sell the best, and if the weather has an influence on your sales.

Staff Tracking

Monitor staff performance so you can identify your top sales staff and find out how they do it. Our staff tracking feature allows you to reward those who perform well, but also enables you to keep an eye on movements and staff processes within your business in case there’s any suspicious activity going on.

Multiple Discounts

Give discounts on the spot, or set up automatic discounts for any product. You don’t need to pull yourself to a computer every time you want to run a promotion; plan it all in advance!