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Tyro Payment with
Abacus POS

Integrate Your Abacus POS With Tyro

If you want quick and easy integration, Tyro is a strong candidate for you. It has no contract or setup fee, and it accepts a wide variety of payment types. Tyro has two designated terminals: the Yomani 3G for fast countertop transactions, and the Yoximo for wireless mobile payments. Tyro’s 3G mode allows the payments function to work even if you lose internet.

Yomani 3G

Fast countertop transactions


Wireless mobile payments

Tyro has partnered with Abacus to provide you a seamless transaction process. Integration allows your Abacus POS to communicate directly with your Tyro EFTPOS, which means speedy payments and easy reconciliation.

Integrated payment

Works with Abacus

No contract or setup fees

No lock-in obligations

Over-the-phone payments

Moto function allows manual credit card input

Prompts for tips

Automatically notifies POS of tips

Table payments

No iPad at table needed

No credit card cap

No fees for excess credit card transactions

Speedy transactions

Processes payments in less than 2 seconds

Local help

24/7 Australia-based customer support

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