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When it comes to building your Melbourne business, we believe that it is not just about how hard you work, but how smart you work too. That is why our Abacus Point of Sale software program has thought of everything you, as a Melbourne business, may need in a POS solution. We’re a team of software developers that has spent years creating the most technologically advanced POS software in the Melbourne market. Our functionality impressively blows the mind of our users and allows them to clearly see why we are the best and most value-for-money Point of Sale solution in Melbourne.

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Simply Smarter Business.

If you’re a business owner in Melbourne that wants a Point of Sale system to save time, manage your operations, collect vital data, process sales, reduce your expenditure and enable your business to grow, then welcome to Abacus POS in Melbourne.


Integrated System

Abacus POS in Melbourne has a single platform and login to access all the modules you’ll need for your business without ever having to depend on a third party entity. Avoid dealing with multiple providers and inconsistent interfaces. With the Abacus Point of Sale system, all modules can be seamlessly integrated to run on the one system and produce informative, centralised reports.

The features that make the Abacus POS the best in the market

Cloud Based

Get up to date information anywhere, anytime. Our POS system is cloud based for better efficiency, ease of management and convenience. Plus you’ll never have to worry about backing up your data again.


Full Suite of POS Solutions

From rostering of staff to stock management and even a loyalty program, you will be able to access the entire system and all its modules with just a single login. Think about how easy it will be to have all the information you need at your fingertips!

Online & Offline

No Internet access? Don’t worry, you will still be able to use our POS software program and app normally. All your changes and information will simply get backed up to the cloud as soon as you’re back online.


Reports & Analysis

Monitor sales figures, generate comprehensive reports and check your bank balance in real-time from any desktop, laptop or smart device. Gain valuable insight into your business and make sure that you don’t lose out on any opportunities even when you’re on the go!

Your Technology Partner

At Abacus, customer service is important to us. We’re here to offer support and guidance so you can get the most out of our POS software program and app. At the same time, please know that we’re always looking to evolve and improve to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business owners.


Integration with Online Businesses

Our POS system integrates easily with your business, even if it’s online! So regardless of whether you have an onsite location right here in Melbourne or run an online store (or both!), you will be able to track all your sales and manage customer information.



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