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Abacus POS Software Solution for Pop-Up Stores

Pop-Up Store POS

What do you need to run a pop-up store? An iPad, a printer, and a card reader… and your products. You don’t need any extra networking equipment to run a fully functional pop-up business that you can take anywhere!


Easy Setup

You want to set up quickly, and pack up even quicker. Abacus POS only needs 3 pieces of equipment: an iPad, a printer, and a card reader (and even that’s optional!). No modem, no router, no server. How’s that for a portable point of sale?

One-Touch Cash Payments

Pop-up stores are all about the experience. Don’t make your customers wait to pay! Abacus has a feature especially for fast cash payments to take place- it only takes one touch to take an order, and one touch to pay! Every second counts for a customer waiting in line!

customer tapping card at payment terminal

Payment Integration

It’s no secret that pop-ups get busy, really busy. Speed up your operations with integrated card payment. You won’t have to worry about typing in the wrong amount, and you’ll get through your orders faster!

Real-Time Reporting

Abacus POS is cloud-based, so your sales activity is constantly being synced, letting you view your sales reports in real time from your smartphone, no matter where you are!

Instant Product Updates

Your POS should be as flexible as your pop-up store. So, your menu’s different to what you expected? Update your products, pricing, or menu layout straight away, even if you’ve already started doing business!


Don’t be left stranded without internet. You can still take orders and payments even if you lose internet connection! You won’t lose any sales information, either.

Best Selling Products

From one pop-up to another, it’s important to know your bestsellers, so you can incorporate it in your marketing, revise prices efficiently and prepare stock accordingly. As an Abacus POS pop-up store, you’ll get Top Selling Products report exactly for this purpose!

Stock Management

When you’re always moving places, it can be hard to keep a record of your stock, especially wastage. Abacus POS lets you stock in, stock out, perform stocktake, and record wastage so you can efficiently minimise your expenses.