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Table Ordering System

Enhance Customer Experience

The Abacus Table Top Ordering System allows your customers to order from the iPads situated at their own tables. Ideal for busy restaurants, sushi trains, and do-it-yourself style ordering.

Boost Turnover

With an ordering device on top of your tables, fully integrated with your POS, customers can quickly place an order from their table without waiting for staff to be available.

Sushi Jiro

Sushi Jiro is a hugely popular sushi train restaurant with multiple stores across Melbourne. With the need to handle the high volume of orders that can come in every single minute, Sushi Jiro wanted an ordering system on the table top that could manage their ordering flow efficiently.

Each site is equipped with over 20 table-ordering iPads that instantly send orders through to their kitchen. This gives customers a great dining experience as they can dine and order at their own pace, and it also allows their staff to effectively manage, produce and serve their customers in a timely manner.

sushi jiro beautiful interior design

Abacus Table Top Ordering System alleviates the pressure of collecting orders so staff can focus on providing excellent customer service and timely serving. Upload your best product photos, customise your menu layout, and allow your customers to order straight from the Table Ordering Kiosk.

Customised Branding

Make a strong impression with your own logo and any colour scheme on your tabletop ordering system.

Tasty Sneak

Add an attractive photo of each dish to get mouths watering, and to help customers make decisions.


Each order made from your table ordering device is synced with your POS in real time, so dockets print out conveniently in the kitchen.

Streamline Operations

Maximise efficiency with self-service ordering, so your staff can focus on providing excellent customer service.