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Stock Management

Maximise Profits, Minimise Wastage

The Abacus Stock Management smartphone application enables you to keep track of your stock levels, prepare worklists, create purchase orders, and overlook delivery control. 

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Manage Your Stock Virtually

Manage stock for your stores anywhere in the world, and automate orders as soon as goes below your safety levels. Using your smartphone, perform stock in, stock out, and stock take on the spot.

More Benefits of Abacus Stock Management

Daily Recipe
Preparation Sheet

Create preparation lists for your daily recipes, taking into account the quantity required for every ingredient.

Stock In from
Purchase Orders

Create a purchase order straight from the app and stock it in swiftly when it arrives. Save time by setting your purchase orders to automatically send when stock goes beyond safe levels!

Insight at A Glance

Our colour-coding lets you see at a glance what stock is approaching or is below safe levels, where safe levels are defined by you!

Delivery Control

Set delivery weekdays and estimated delivery times for each supplier so you never run out of stock before the next batch arrives. Plan your deliveries in advance by specifying the exact day your order is required.