Stock Management

While your Abacus account will let you do basic stocking, the Stock Management module has advanced features to facilitate complex procedures and forecast for the future. Define how much of each ingredient is needed for a recipe, and based on your past sales, the Stock Management module will tell you how much your chefs should prepare!

Maximise your profits and minimise wastage by being well-prepared. Automate purchase orders as soon as stock goes below your safety levels.


  • Can be used for multiple locations
  • Manages Inventory
  • Updates in Real Time
  • Accurate Information Based on POS Activity
  • Forecasts required ingredients
  • Minimises wastage


Daily recipe preparation sheet

Create preparation lists for your daily recipes, taking into account the quantity required for every ingredient. You can set preparation “stations” (eg. fridge, counter) so you know exactly how much of a product should be where, whether you have one store or many.


Purchase Orders

Create a purchase order straight from the app and stock it in swiftly when it arrives. Edit past purchase orders if costs have changed, and reuse a purchase order when your needs haven’t changed. Save time by setting your purchase orders to automatically send when stock reaches a certain level!


The Stock Management module will look at your sales history and forecast how much of each ingredient you will need for the future.

Wastage management

Don’t let some wastage skew your stock levels; keep track of how much product goes to waste, and reduce wastage in the future.


Delivery Control

Set delivery weekdays and estimated delivery times for each supplier so you never run out of stock before the next batch arrives. Plan your deliveries in advance by specifying the exact day your order is required.

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