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Integrate Your Abacus POS with WeChat Pay

WeChat is the most popular instant messaging app in China, so its payment method is used habitually by its consumers abroad. If you want to engage with your Chinese consumers, offering WeChat Pay is vital. Use WeChat Pay in conjunction with your standard payment option to cover all consumer bases.


Integrated payment

Works with Abacus

Cardless payment

WeChat Pay is phone-based, requiring no credit card

Quick Pay

Scan your customer’s WeChat Quick Pay page to pay

QR Code Payment

Customers can scan your QR code to pay

Popular payment method

Meet the needs of your Chinese consumers

Currency conversion

Have your currency converted to CNY for Chinese customers

Cross-currency settlement

Includes major currencies such as AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, and JPY

3-day settlement

Expect your payment 3 days after the transaction

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