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Best iPad POS for Multi-Site Businesses

No benchmark is more important than your own. The Abacus Multi-Site iPad Point of Sale will help you find out what’s making your sales soar (or snore) across your various sites. Features include multi-site back end management, multi-level user management and more!

The best australia point of sale systems and software

Multi-Site Backend Management

Not only are you able to see sales reports for your multiple sites, you can manage all their products and discounts!

Multi-Level User Management

Control what features your staff can access on the multi-site iPad POS, and what reports your managers can see on the back end!

Centralised Customer Loyalty Program

Let your customers earn points and order online using the same application for all of your stores!

Stock Management

Create recipes, stock take your ingredients, and get automatic suggestions for how much stock you need to order! Streamline your stock management by stocking in straight from the purchase order.

Other Features You May Need

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