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Waiter Pad

Streamline Operations

Arm your staff with a Waiter Pad so they can quickly send new orders to the kitchen at the touch of a button. Gone are the days of double-handling orders!

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happy customers paying at a restaurant

Improve Productivity

Take orders and process payments at the table to save time, minimise mistakes, and maintain excellent table service.

Pay at the Table

Settle the bill where your customers are seated to have a smooth table turnover.

Reduce Human Errors

Key in orders as soon as possible to reduce the risk of making mistakes or of forgetting customer orders on the way to the POS.

POS Integration

There’s no second guessing happy hour or credit card surcharges – your Abacus Waiter Pad connects with the main POS, so any price changes and surcharges will automatically apply.

Payment Options

Abacus integrates with a variety of payment providers so your staff can carry around your payment terminal of choice to close orders.