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Abacus POS Software Solution for Franchise Outlets

Franchise Businesses POS

Abacus Point of Sale is the software of choice for franchise businesses. Franchising requires the complexity of multi-site reporting and management, with the simplicity of centralised control. With Abacus POS you get the best of both worlds! Find out how we can help.

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Multiple Store Reporting

Make sure no store has slipped through the cracks or is being left behind. As a franchise owner, ensuring that stores are not underperforming is a big part of the job. With Abacus POS, you’ll be able to compare store performances to identify and understand those outlets that are performing the best – or worst.

Integrated Loyalty

Everyone likes a good loyalty program. When you use our Loyalty module, you’ll be able to reward your customers by allowing them to earn points every time they spend at any one of your stores!

Single Login

Abacus POS software provides specific support for the management of multiple stores. With just a single cloud login, users will be able to update and control products, menu offerings and various configurations for multiple outlets, as well as monitor reports from the various stores.

Privacy controls

Get an overview of all your franchisees, while limiting what reports your franchisees can see. Our privacy controls give you the final say about how your franchise information is shared!