Abacus: Your POS software solution for franchise outlets

Whether in retail or food and beverage, franchising is a growing industry, with systems and processes that are unique to this particular business model. Fortunately, the Abacus Point of Sale software program and application comes with features that are just perfect for the more sophisticated operations of many franchise outlets today. It’s what you need to stay on top of things!

Multiple Stores

At Abacus, we understand the demands of a franchise business. That is why our POS software provides specific support for the management of multiple stores. With just a single cloud login, users will be able to update and control products, menu offerings and various configurations for multiple outlets, as well as monitor reports from the various stores.

Compare Stores

Make sure no store has slipped through the cracks or is being left behind. As a franchise owner, ensuring that stores are not underperforming is a big part of the job. With Abacus, you’ll be able to compare store performances to identify and understand those outlets that are performing the best – or worst.


Easily keep track of multiple store performances with Abacus. Our KPI feature not only allows you to set store targets against projected sales and actual sales, or set targets against projected expenses and actual expenses, it will also alert franchise owners if those targets are not met.


Know your franchising business inside out with our reporting feature. This enables you to access a whole range of data that will help you to understand your business, from studying buying behaviours to analysing customer demographics.


Because no two franchises are exactly the same, our POS software is fully customisable in terms of look and functions to suit your unique business and processes. You’ll be surprised at the extent of our versatility and flexibility.

Branded Mobile App

Get your brand out there with your very own branded app! No matter where they are, customers will be able to perform a range of functions, including checking store locations, keeping track of their loyalty points, and even ordering items online.

Inter-store Ordering

One of the best things about a franchise business is the established network of outlets. With Abacus, inter-store ordering will be a breeze, and you’ll also be able to set up an ordering system that allows outlets to place orders with the master franchisor and other suppliers.

Integrated Loyalty and Marketing

Everyone likes a good loyalty program. Reward your most loyal customers by allowing them to earn loyalty points every time they shop at one of your outlets. Also, don’t forget to send them birthday wishes and other special promotions!

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