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Abacus POS Software Solution for Grocery Businesses

Grocery POS Software

The secret to an efficient grocery shop is technological integration. Speed up your operations with the Abacus grocery store POS system, including random weight barcode printing, NMI-approved scale support, and automated reports.

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Scale Support

With out grocery POS system, you can weigh and price goods in a single step! Abacus’ scale support makes it easy for you to price weighed items. You can also subtract the container weight for increased accuracy! No wonder it’s been certified by the National Measurement Institute (NMI).

Customer-Facing Display

Our grocery POS software features a sleek customer-facing display screen that shows all the items and prices that you’re putting through! It doubles up as an advertisement board so you can easily share your offers with your customers.

Barcode Integration

Not only does the Abacus grocery POS system enable you to pick up on existing barcodes, it lets you generate new ones! Print barcodes for items you’ve just weighed with our random weight barcode integration. Start increasing productivity today!

Sales Reporting

Know your business inside out with sales reporting that is remotely accessible! The Abacus grocery store POS system offers a range of reports, like Top Selling Products, making it easy for you to adjust prices appropriately.

Multiple Terminals

Run several terminals at once to maximise sales and minimise customer wait time. A fantastic way to boost efficiency and with minimal fuss! Know more about your store more than ever before with instant sales information from all of them!

Track Cash Register Activity

Our grocery POS software records which staff member was logged in for each transaction, and for each time the cash register was accessed. Manage your cash register activity and standardise your operations across multiple terminals!