Abacus: Your POS software solution for grocery businesses

The grocery business is an exceedingly busy and competitive industry, and it’s no surprise that many business owners find it difficult to keep on top of things. The Abacus Point of Sale software program and application, which has been designed with the needs of grocery retailers in mind, is the smart way to get things done. Even better, it integrates seamlessly with your online business too, so whether you have an onsite store, an online grocery business or both, the Abacus POS system is for you.

Scale Support with NMI Approval

Scales are a crucial element of every grocery business. Fortunately, our scale support feature has been certified by the National Measurement Institute (NMI), so you won’t have to worry about being audited.

Increase Productivity

Thanks to our integrated Magellan scale and scanner, which scans and weighs items to speed up the check out process, your business will run smoother than ever before. It’s a great way to increase productivity!

Integrated Barcode Software

Like our scale support feature, our barcode label software feature is also certified by the NMI – for your peace of mind. And, unlike other POS solutions, Abacus runs on an integrated, native product database so there’s no need to export or import product data.


Know your business inside out with the reporting feature. This enables you to access a whole range of business data, such as product sales based on category, and lets you find out what your best and worst selling products are.

Multiple Discounts

Promotional periods are a breeze with the Abacus POS system’s multiple discounts feature. Not only does it support discount functions for your products, it even supports multiple pricing levels for store members.

Staff Tracking

Monitor staff performance so you can identify your top sales staff and find out how they do it. Our staff tracking feature allows you to reward those who perform well, but also enables you to keep an eye on movements and staff processes within your business in case there’s any suspicious activity going on.

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