Enhance Your POS With A Self Ordering Kiosk

With Abacus Point of Sale, you don't need staff to take orders when you've got a standalone kiosk! Add a cash machine for complete automation. Allowing your customers to order via Abacus POS self-ordering kiosk will minimise queues in high-traffic environments such as cafés at lunch hour.

The Benefits of the Abacus Self-Ordering Kiosk

  • Minimise queues
  • Decreases service time
  • Guarantees order accuracy
  • Integrates with POS
  • Updates in real time
  • Enhances customer experience
By enabling self-service, you can hire less staff, save costs and create a more efficient workspace. The self-ordering kiosk can still upsell your products!

Attractive interface

Choose your most enticing food and drink photos, and your customers will be able to easily make a decision on the simple and intuitive interface of your kiosk.

Soft prompts to upsell

Would you like a drink with that? Like a good waiter, the kiosk can prompt your customer to add a drink or dessert to their order.

Customised branding

Choose the background, add a logo, customise a screensaver slideshow, and choose any colour scheme that suits your brand. The Self-Ordering Kiosk will be right at home in your business, and so will your customers!