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Abacus iPad POS System for Restaurants

Unlock Your Business Potential

Have you been looking for a system with an advanced table map, course capabilities, and advanced printing? Be our guest!

The best could pos software and point of sale system

Customer Loyalty

Give back to your customers with loyalty programs, discounts and promotions to make sure you’re their go-to cure for hunger. By integrating your loyalty program with an Abacus iPad POS software for Restaurants, you’ll enjoy more meaningful data, smarter marketing and enhanced customer experiences.

Restaurant iPad POS System Reports

All reports display detailed real-time data to give you the freedom to analyse daily performance all from your personal computer or mobile device. Understand your restaurant’s best performing products, your customer demographics, and how you could further improve your business. 

An iPad POS System,
Tailored for Restaurant

Make your point of sale your own. Create your very own table maps, choose your restaurant’s POS terminal layout, create your own set of products, variations and prices, select your preferred payment system and printing locations.

The customisability is in your hands.

Quick Payments

Payments are rapid for the peak hour rush. Payment integration is vast, and split bills, tips, and surcharges are performed with ease.

Seamless Order Management

Keep your orders organised with streamlined synchronisation between POS terminals and your kitchen, bar and restaurant. Save time and money with a centralised restaurant point of sale system that is designed to free up your time so that you can focus on the more important things – growth and profitability.

On the table? Outside? Across the road? Order wherever

Whether orders are taken at the counter, on our mobile ordering app or at the table, you can be sure flexibility is in your hands with an Abacus iPad POS system for Restaurants. Built to simplify restaurant operations and delight your customers, our advanced restaurant POS system is exactly what you need to maximise efficiency and accuracy.

We integrate with the software that you use most

We’ve made sure that our restaurant iPad POS system is as complete as possible. That is why we’ve integrated countless payment providers, accounting software, workforce management tools, loyalty management, and more to ensure we incorporate all facets of your business. Streamline operations and reach higher goals with our restaurant iPad POS software.