Release notes 08/02/2021: Web

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview You can soon expect an improved daily email sales report to grace your inboxes. Here’s what’s to come! Improvements Scheduled email report Did you know that you can schedule a sales report to be emailed to you every day? We are rolling out an improved version of this report … Read More

Release notes 02/02/2021: Web (Reservations)

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview You will soon be able to add customised Reservation Instructions to Online Reservations in our new-and-improved configuration page! In the next few days, we will start rolling out this page to users in batches. New Features Reservations are having an overhaul! As your needs have been evolving, so too … Read More

Release notes 20/01/2021: Web & Self-Ordering Kiosk

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview Self-Ordering Kiosks just got a whole lot smoother to use! Plus, we improved reporting details across Abacus. New Features Auto-select variants on the self-ordering kiosk! You can now set up how many product variants should be automatically selected when a certain product is chosen on the self-ordering kiosk. For … Read More

How Restaurants Can Use Data to Grow Their Business

abacusposNews, Enlightenment, Our Products

“A well-run restaurant is like a winning baseball team. It makes the most of every crew member’s talent and takes advantage of every split-second opportunity to speed up service,” said David Ogilvy, whose meticulous research into consumer habits gave him the nickname “Father of Advertising.” However, it is not just … Read More

Release notes 06/11/2020: Web

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview We have released some fixes on the backend which will improve user experience in Online Ordering and the POS. New Features There are no new features right now. Improvements Delivery Areas We’ve added some handy hints to make it even easier to set up your delivery areas in the … Read More

Release notes 02/11/2020: Web & Online Ordering

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview We have released a series of improvements for our web backend and online ordering, including the ability to apply online surcharges, and to cancel DoorDash drivers without needing to contact DoorDash support. New Features There are no new features right now. Improvements Reporting Cleaner invoices interface When you go … Read More

Release notes 26/10/2020: Online Ordering

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview We have updated our Online Ordering to improve the user experience and to give you a “preorder cutoff”! Set up a cut-off time so you’re never caught off guard with last-minute catering orders. New Features   Customise a cut-off time for pre-orders. You can require customers to give you … Read More

How Self-Ordering Kiosks Increase ROI: Case Study

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Over the last decade, self-service tools have revolutionised airports. Endless queues of disgruntled customers stemming from slow-moving check-in desks (that cost a small fortune to staff) have been replaced by standing touch screens, used by 80% of the passengers in 2015 – compared to only 20% in 2005 (Eastwood, 2018). … Read More