Why Your Business Needs A Cloud-Based POS System


Gone are the days of the old clunky til at the counter. Now, it’s all about streamlining your business’ Point of Sale system through cloud-based software – and it’s now easier to use than ever before.   Here’s why your business will thrive and grow…

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The benefits of having a tablet POS system for your business


Using a tablet in business, as well as for private use, has become the norm. It can be seen as just a digital notepad for some, but for others, particularly in the hospitality and retail sector, it is as integral to their business as their…

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How to work smarter instead of harder when it comes to your retail business


The retail environment is becoming ever more complex and challenging, and success is no longer just about how hard you work. In fact, with the digital age well and truly upon us, the question these days, for retail businesses, has become: how smart do you…

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10 Keys you Must Know to Maximise Efficiency in your Restaurant


If you’re in the restaurant business, then you know how crucial running an efficient restaurant is. Not only does it mean good customer service and happy customers, it also means that time, resources and money aren’t being wasted, resulting in a higher bottom line.  …

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Top 10 benefits of an effective POS system


POS systems, or Point of Sale systems, are becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s retail market. It’s easy to see why – not only do they provide a convenient, efficient way of processing payments and keeping track of sales, the retail POS systems that are available these…

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The top 3 struggles restaurant owners face and how to overcome them

Catering for others on a large scale is a passion shared by many people who want to go into the restaurant industry. However, a love of food and hospitality has to be combined with the fact that you are running a business.   The top…

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5 Things you need to determine when considering a POS system

There are numerous POS systems on the market at a range of prices and with a number of features, so it can be a little overwhelming at first when you start to look at the best system for your business. Not sure where to begin?…

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The challenges of retail stores and how successful retail storeowners overcome them

The changing face of consumerism has had its impact on retail stores, and over the past 20 years ecommerce has risen to the forefront as the main challenge. Other areas of concern are around shrinkage and competition for customer loyalty. Successful owners of retail outlets…

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12 Tips on impressing your customers if you’re a restaurant

Running a restaurant is more than just about providing good food. These days, with the prevalence of cooking shows and food industry related reality shows, every couch potato is a potential food critic, and customers are arguably becoming more critical and more demanding than ever…

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5 Things to look for in a good POS system

So you’ve decided to jump onboard the Point Of Sale (POS) system wagon and get one for your small business. Congratulations! A good POS system is a worthy investment for any business looking to become more efficient, and you’re certainly taking a step in the…

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