Release notes 06/11/2020: Web

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview We have released some fixes on the backend which will improve user experience in Online Ordering and the POS. New Features There are no new features right now. Improvements Delivery Areas We’ve added some handy hints to make it even easier to set up your delivery areas in the … Read More

Release notes 02/11/2020: Web & Online Ordering

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview We have released a series of improvements for our web backend and online ordering, including the ability to apply online surcharges, and to cancel DoorDash drivers without needing to contact DoorDash support. New Features There are no new features right now. Improvements Reporting Cleaner invoices interface When you go … Read More

Release notes 26/10/2020: Online Ordering

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview We have updated our Online Ordering to improve the user experience and to give you a “preorder cutoff”! Set up a cut-off time so you’re never caught off guard with last-minute catering orders. New Features   Customise a cut-off time for pre-orders. You can require customers to give you … Read More

How Self-Ordering Kiosks Increase ROI: Case Study

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Over the last decade, self-service tools have revolutionised airports. Endless queues of disgruntled customers stemming from slow-moving check-in desks (that cost a small fortune to staff) have been replaced by standing touch screens, used by 80% of the passengers in 2015 – compared to only 20% in 2005 (Eastwood, 2018). … Read More

Release notes 08/10/2020: POS 2.8.18

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Overview A new version of Abacus POS (2.8.18) is available for customers wishing to upgrade from 2.8.17. Improvements When a customer has added a note for an online order, this will now also be shown on the POS, instead of just on the production docket   Fixes We have fixed … Read More

Release notes 30/09/2020: Web and Customer-Facing Display

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

We have released several web fixes and improvements, as well as a Customer-Facing Display update (version 2.5) that should be used with POS 2.8.17. You may not be using POS 2.8.17 yet as we are still rolling it out. If you have already upgraded to Abacus POS 2.8.17, and you … Read More

Release notes 15/09/2020: Online Ordering & POS 2.8.17

Rebecca McIntoshRelease Notes

Our new Abacus POS 2.8.17 will soon be here with some updates to Online Ordering, too! You will soon receive instructions for updating your POS terminal to the latest version. IMPORTANT: If you are using Tyro, you will need to re-pair to your Tyro terminal when you update to Abacus … Read More