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Integrate Your Abacus POS With Liven

Liven and Abacus are partnering to offer an advanced payment and loyalty system to merchants – presenting the opportunity to receive mobile and cryptocurrency payments from their customers. See how this integration can benefit your business.



Integrated payment

Liven payments are accepted within your Abacus POS system. Liven users pay quickly, with the tap of a single button

Get discovered

Liven works as an always-on marketing solution, allowing your business to be discovered by over 300,000 engaged app users

Increase traffic

Find new customers, brought to you by the user incentive of earning and spending LVN (the universal currency for food) within the Liven dining network

Customer loyalty

Encourage your loyal customers to visit more frequently and spend more – offering them an accessible and easy-to-use payment and loyalty platform

Mobile payments

Allow customers to pay quickly and conveniently through their phones – paying seamlessly in-app with the tap of a button

No extra hardware

Liven payments are built into your Abacus POS system – making the process no different to accepting any other tender type.

Cryptocurrency adoption

Making everyday transactions with cryptocurrencies a seamless part of life for more than 300,000 Australians

The currency choice is yours

Merchant partners opt to receive funds in either local fiat currency ($AUD) or LVN (Liven digital currency) – or a custom split of the two

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