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Abacus POS Software Solution for Mobile Food Vending

Food Truck POS Software

Nothing appetises a passer-by like a meal on wheels. Food trucks have a tendency to attract customers in waves, so it’s essential to have the Abacus food truck POS software to keep up with the queue. Abacus POS is ideal for mobile food vendors, as it has a simple, responsive interface, and speedy payment options especially for fast-paced settings.

man preparing food in food truck

Fast Payment

Our mobile food truck POS has a feature especially for fast cash payments to take place- it only takes one touch to make an order, and one-touch to pay! Every second count for a hungry customer waiting in line!

Minimal Hardware

A key benefit of the food truck is mobility, although that means it doesn’t have a lot of room to begin with. Abacus food truck POS system takes up minimal counter space, giving you the freedom to prepare your food without worrying about bulky machines and wires!

On-the-Spot Menu Alternations

Change your menu layout, pricing, and dishes right on your food truck POS! When you’ve got a business on wheels, you don’t want to have to get out your laptop to make some last-minute changes. It’s as easy as that!


See your sales occur in real time, via laptop or smartphone. With cloud-based reporting, you don’t have to be in a truck to track your mobile business! Stay smart about your business and analyse these detailed reports from anywhere!

Payment Integration

You know what we were saying about fast transactions? It pays (literally) to have integrated card payment on your food truck POS software. Skip the hassle of manual input and focus on your customers instead!

Offline Transactions

Don’t be left stranded without internet. Even if your network breaks down you can still take orders and payments! You won’t lose any sales information, either. Until the connection is available, your mobile food truck POS system will automatically save orders.

Best-Selling Products

Food truck menus are highly specialised; be smart with your menu! Our reporting lets you see which products are selling the best, so you can alter your menu accordingly. Ensure your best-selling products never go out of stock!

Stock Management

When you’re always moving places, it can be hard to keep a record of your stock, especially wastage. Abacus food truck POS system lets you stock in, stock out, perform stocktake, and record wastage so you can efficiently minimise your expenses.