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Captain Melville: Craft Beer, Cocktails And Events

Famous for their craft beer, cocktails and amazing food, Captain Melville is a popular destination among Melbournians and visitors alike. Located within Melbourne’s oldest public house, Captain Melville features beautiful spaces and a great atmosphere for like-minded people to relax, meet, drink and dance – making it the perfect venue for parties and private events.

Abacus has recently spoken to one of its owners, Jared Hart, to find out more about his experience managing the business.

What was an Ah-Ha moment for you in business?

Ah-ha moment, learning to delegate and trust ppl around me and not try and do everything myself.

What’s your most embarrassing moment or biggest lesson learned as a business owner?

The biggest lesson, needing to keep a professional distance between staff and management. Ultimately it’s very difficult to try and be a friend and a boss at the same time.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice, don’t react at the moment when don’t necessary, obtain all information and all sides of a story before making an informed decision

What do you think your business does differently?

Business does differently, it acknowledges and promotes based on internal criteria often before the person getting promoted asks about a raise which in turn has helped with turnover rates

What’s been the biggest game-changer for you personally in your life?

The biggest game-changer, meeting current business partners and gaining a very solid network of people who albeit have different methods that I learn from have the same outcome desire.

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