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Crafty Cuts: Barbecued meats, salads and the best kind of sandwiches

Famous for their roasts, salads and sandwiches, Crafty Cuts is a popular go-to for Australians looking to satisfy their meat cravings and to enjoy a healthy, well- balanced meal, all at the same time. Abacus has recently spoken to its owner and General Manager, Stefano Galioto, to find out how their restaurants have been adapting to the current business climate and how Abacus has supported them as they continue to thrive in today’s hospitality industry.

Tell us about the backstory of Crafty Cuts and how you got started.

Crafty Cuts first came about after we saw a gap in the market for fast food that utilise high quality produce. Our first location in Sydney CBD opened 5 years ago. Since the beginning, we wanted to keep ingredients to a minimum, and without the added chemicals or preservatives. Our number one priority has always been to keep the ingredients as clean and wholesome as possible.

We were inspired by New York cuisine, adopting a fast-food system but soon evolving it to feature the highest quality cuts of local meat, slow-cooked to perfection. It’s all about real food made fast. Our key selling point is our smokey, slow cooked, American-style hefty sandwiches on artisan breads that make your mouth water.

What can customers expect from Crafty Cuts?

Our aim at Crafty Cuts is to give the customer a fast food experience but with a home-style cooking feel. Customers can expect a fresh, delicious, wholesome meal – made with 100% quality Australian products. Every bite will be outrageously tender and full of flavour.

Our signature dish is the roast and Cajun chicken, either on a roll or on a plate. In addition, we believe that the secret to excellent customer service is to communicate clearly with the customer and ensure that the he or she is well-informed before making an order. At Crafty Cuts, we’ll guide you through our extensive range of menu choices and find out your preference or cravings, before helping you place an order for something you’re sure to love. 

How has Abacus helped your business?

We’ve used Abacus for slightly more than 3 years and we personally feel that it is the most user-friendly POS we’ve had the pleasure of using. It’s easy-to-use, fast and convenient.

From taking orders and minimising the number of transactional slip-ups, Abacus has continued to support us through our ups and downs. It is extremely reliable; which is something we truly appreciate.

No matter the stage of restrictions you may be currently facing, you are welcome to find more about the features and benefits of Abacus POS and how you can integrate it into your business.

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