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How To Engage Customers and Remain Competitive in the Hospitality Industry: Nourish

To continuously engage customers and remain competitive in the hospitality industry, many businesses are required to digitise their mindsets and utilise the right tools to streamline operations. Abacus recently caught up with Matt V., from Nourish Cafe & Eatery. As the owner of this quaint cafe in Kangaroo Point, Queensland, he tells us how he started his business and how he’s utilised the cutting-edge Abacus POS so far.

Tell us about the backstory of Nourish and how you got started.

We opened Nourish in July this year to provide the community with a comfortable yet invigorating setting to enjoy exciting, clean food. Because Kangaroo Point is such a community-oriented place, we felt that the area desperately needed a friendly, welcoming eatery where people can eat at daily and not feel guilty about the food- a place they can call a second home. That’s where Nourish comes in!

What can customers expect from Nourish?

 At Nourish, customers can expect food that is unlike any other. With every dish on our menu, we try to plate it in a unique and different way, exploring various types of flavour combinations, specialty garnishes and even different cooking processes. Utilising the best organic and local produce in our meals, we create food that is refined and sophisticated, ensuring that the quality of the produce speaks for itself.

We treat our ingredients with the utmost care and respect to create meaningful, hearty dishes. Our signature protein is the in-house beetroot cured salmon. We cure it for 3 to 4 days and feature it in our Nourish Breakfast (along with soft baked eggs and an orange and micro herb salad). This delicious protein is also featured in our Japanese-inspired Salmon Salad and on our Salmon Bagel. The cure gives it a unique texture and amazing colour and flavour.

Above all else, we prioritise attention to detail when it comes to providing excellent customer service. We aim to provide a positive and enjoyable overall experience for anyone who drops by.

Why did you choose Abacus?

Since Nourish opened, we have been using Abacus POS. We believe that it is the most intuitive and user-friendly software on the market. Anyone can jump onto Abacus and be proficient within a day. We especially found that the payment integration with Square was an important feature as it helped us facilitate efficient payments and transactions with no hassle at all. Another important element of a POS system that we appreciate is speed. Abacus is definitely able to provide that and more. The Abacus client support is excellent as they always have someone available to lend a hand. The in-built web chat is a great safety net.

Nourish is currently open for dine-in and takeaway.

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