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Natural Born Grillers: Taking Comfort Food to the Next Level

At Abacus, we are always passionate about our clients and their business success. We’ve recently spoken to Ben H from Natural Born Grillers to find out how their business has adapted to the changing restrictions and how Abacus has continued to support them during these uncertain times.

Tell us about the backstory of Natural Born Grillers and how you got started.

My partner and I moved to South Australia from Geelong. We saw a gap in the market for the fast food and loaded fries sector and decided to set up Natural Born Grillers in 2018. Everyone needs a little comfort food in their lives and we were thrilled to share our creative burgers, funky shakes and fully loaded fries with the world.

What can customers expect from Natural Born Grillers?

 At Natural Born Grillers, we believe in extending a warm and friendly service to anyone who walks through our doors. Our staff treats any customer like a friend, like we’ve known them for a long time. We want to create an inviting environment for anyone looking to satisfy a burger craving. Our team is attentive, quick and honest – so, even if we’re packed and your order may be taking slightly longer than usual, we’ll let you know.

A signature style of ours is to take a staple food (for example, fish and chips, butter chicken, etc.)  and transform it into a burger. Customers can expect innovative burger creations and as we like to call it, ‘Comfort food in a bun.’ Our top sellers include the Flamin’ Galah (inspired by Alf Stewart), a tantalisingly spicy fried chicken burger and the Insane Burger, a burger with double of everything.

How has Abacus helped your business?

Our previous POS system was on a desktop, equipped with a mouse and was quite clunky, no touch screen and difficult to use. After switching to Abacus POS with the proper stand and iPad, they have been absolutely pivotal in our success. Not only have they helped us to increase the standards of our customer service, but also the speed in which we’re serving our customers.

We’ve been able to utilise the user-friendly online food ordering system, allowing us to receive orders seamlessly, whilst also keeping track of the automatic stock levels. Besides helping us create more efficient operational processes and having access to exceptional technological features, the exceptionally attentive customer service from the Abacus team (especially Ashley) really won us over.

Both our young and old staff alike find it easy to use the Abacus POS – and that’s really important for us. Being in the restaurant industry, there are peak hours and when you’re under the pressure with long queues, speed and usability are paramount. The team at Natural Born Grillers love the Abacus POS for so many reasons, it’s hard to pick one; the sub-menus are easily accessible, and the customisation of colours and fonts for the kitchen dockets have made a tremendous impact for our kitchen team. Any important notes for orders are indicated clearly and passed along to our kitchen without any problems. We are also able to easily update our menu and food prep time through the online ordering portal, giving our customers the most up-to-date information at present time.

Natural Born Grillers is currently open for dine-in and takeaway.


No matter the stage of restrictions you may be currently facing, you are welcome to find more about the features and benefits of our online ordering system and how you can integrate it into your business.

If you’re interested in opening up your business to online sales, takeaway, and delivery, speak to our friendly and experienced team here at Abacus. We are currently providing our Online Ordering platform with NO upfront cost and $0 ongoing monthly fees on top of your regular Abacus POS subscription. The only additional cost to you is a small transaction fee.

Submit your interest here or email us at and our product specialists will reach out to you to discuss how we can help your business in these tough times. Alternatively, give us a call on (03) 9017 2792.

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