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Pocket Manager

Sales Data on Your Palm

With one app, your smartphone will transform into a Pocket Manager so you can keep an eye on your reporting without even setting foot in-store.

The best could pos software and point of sale system

Update Pricing on the go

Respond instantly to demand, no matter where you are, by updating pricing on the spot.

One Login, Multiple Stores

Whether you have one store or twenty, view any store’s sales reports from a single login!

pos cash register solution and point of sale system in Australia

Sales Data

Where you’ve got internet connection, you’ve got real-time sales, pulled down from the cloud.

Access to
Key Figures

Your Pocket Manager gets to the point with the top selling products, daily guest count, and other quick facts so you don’t need to crunch the numbers.

View Upcoming Reservations

When you have subscribed to online reservations, you can view and accept any customer’s reservation straight from your phone.

Low Battery

The Pocket Manager is optimised for minimal battery usage so you can stay connected. Without. Your. Phone. Dying. All. The. Time.