Enhance Your iPad POS System With A Self-Ordering Kiosk

With the Abacus Self-Ordering system, you don't need staff to take orders; you've got a stand-alone kiosk! Add a cash machine for complete automation. Allowing your customers to order via your Abacus Self-Service Kiosk system will minimise queues when you have high traffic.

The Benefits of the Abacus Self-Ordering Kiosk

  • Minimise queues
  • Decreases service time
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Guarantees order accuracy
  • Integrates with POS
  • Boosts upselling capabilities
  • Updates in real time
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Highly adaptable features 

Some of our Customers Flourishing with Self-Ordering Kiosks

Sam Sam Korean Chicken and Beer

Stax On Burgers

Stax on came to us with the idea of having a completely automated ordering system, where their customers could place their orders and pay all in one seamless process. Across their multiple sites, they have our iPad self-ordering kiosks set up with integrated payment devices, inside their clever truck roller door design.

They are able to speed up their transaction process, and also optimise their staff costs to ensure their business continues to thrive and expand by investing in other areas of their business.

By enabling self-service, you can hire less staff, save costs and create a more efficient workspace.

Attractive interface

Choose your most enticing food and drink photos, and your customers will be able to easily make a decision on the intuitive interface of your self-ordering system. The attractive and interactive touch screen display is designed to effectively engage customers. 

Soft prompts to upsell

Would you like a drink with that? Like a good waiter, the Abacus Self-Service Kiosk system can prompt your customer to add additional items, like a drink or dessert to their order. Customers can also take their time in building their meals!

Customised branding

Choose the background, add a logo, customise a screensaver slideshow, and choose any colour scheme that suits your brand and store concept. Our Self-Ordering Kiosk will be right at home in your business, and so will your customers!

Integrated payment system

Our self-ordering kiosk systems are fully integrated with payment devices, so payments can be completed seamlessly after your customers put through their orders. With the Abacus Self-Ordering system, even first-timers and non-tech savvy individuals can place orders quickly and easily! 

You can still take cash payments

Our self-ordering kiosk system for restaurants is not only compatible with cashless payment systems. For businesses that still rely on cash sales, or have a customer-base that prefer to make cash purchases, you can choose to use automatic cash machines that process the payments for you. 

Comes in multiple sizes

We've developed variations of our self-ordering kiosk to cater to your preferences and requirements. You have the choice between our versatile iPad-based self-ordering kiosk that can exist on your counter or mounted on a wall, or our brand new robust self-ordering kiosk that ranges from 21-29".


Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch have sizzled their way across Australia with incredible Japanese teppanyaki, and wanted the do-it-yourself experience to extend to the POS, too. We installed 4 impressive self-ordering kiosks, each with a 21.5-inch screen, so that their customers could place their custom orders and pay at the very front of the store.

These self-ordering kiosks have enhanced the Pepper Lunch customer experience by giving them the freedom to chop and change their orders around without the pressure (or precious time!) of an onlooking waiter.